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Finca La Unica

Finca La Unica

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Region: Honduras
Farmer: Leticia Lopez Hutchins
Cultivar: Parainema
Altitude: 2000m
Processing: Honey
Tasting Notes: White Wine / Honey / Chamomile

Finca La Unica is the sister farm of Finca Terrerito in Copan, Honduras. Leticia is the daughter of Adelmo Lopez, owner of Finca Terrerito. She and her husband, Harry Hutchins, also run a roasting business, Alma Coffee, in Canton, Georgia. Our Finca La Unica is a direct trade coffee.

This honey processed coffee combines the elements of a natural and washed process. Most honey processed coffees tend to be more complex than washed coffees, but not as fruity as natural coffees. Our Finca La Unica has tasting notes of white wine, honey, and chamomile and creates a full body when cupped.

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