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Adelmo Lopez
Adelmo Lopez

Adelmo Lopez

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Region: Honduras
Farmer: Finca Terrerito
Cultivar: Café 90 / Lempira
Altitude: 1000m
Processing: Washed 
Tasting Notes: Apple / Walnut / Dark Chocolate 
12oz 340g | ROASTED IN TROY, OHIO 

Our Adelmo Lopez is a direct trade coffee coming from Finca Terrerito, a 5th generation specialty coffee farm located in Copan, Honduras. Finca Terrerito sources from their own farms and neighboring farms. By sourcing locally, this ensures the highest quality green coffee bean.

The beans are processed using clean well water from 400ft underground and are stored in parchment until they are exported. Our Adelmo Lopez is a mellow, medium roast. However, with its dark chocolate notes, you'll experience a heavier texture.