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Black Horse Espresso Blend
Black Horse Espresso Blend

Black Horse Espresso Blend

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Region: Colombia / Honduras / Ethiopia 
Farmer: Café Tio Conejo / Finca Terrerito / 2300 Farmers
Cultivar: Caturra / Castillo / Café 90 / Lempira
Altitude: 1000 - 2100m
Processing: Washed / Natural 
Tasting Notes: Walnut / Green Apple / Red Wine
12oz 340g | ROASTED IN TROY, OHIO 
After a year of hard work, we're excited to release our first espresso blend. This coffee embraces our mission of relationships, with two of the three coffees coming from direct relationships! A washed Colombian from our friends at Café Tio Conejo and a washed Honduras from our partners at Finca Terrerito make up our Black Horse Espresso Blend. This espresso is a crowd pleaser that pairs nicely with milk. We are tasting walnut, green apple, and red wine.