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Region: Colombia
Farmer: Café Tio Conejo
Cultivar: Caturra / Castillo
Altitude: 1000m
Processing: Washed 
Tasting Notes: Orange / Jasmine / Caramel 

Guatica is a region nearby Tatama, in the center of Colombia and its department — what we would call its “state” — is Risaralda. Guatica is the name of the small town in which this coffee is grown. With its tasting notes of orange, jasmine, and caramel, our Guatica takes your tastebuds on an aromatic journey full of adventure and wonderment.

The Guatica is a sweet, well-rounded coffee that works beautifully in a blend but is worthy enough to stand alone. Brew it hot or serve it cold, it’s complexity satisfies coffee enthusiasts on either side of the spectrum. We personally love its pleasant, fruit forward sweetness and citrus accents with its caramel aftertaste.