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Gesha Natural
Gesha Natural

Gesha Natural

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Region: Colombia
Farmer: Cafe Tio Conejo
Cultivar: Gesha
Altitude: 2000m
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Jasmine / Tangerine / Blackberry 
Welcome to the elite world of Gesha coffee! You may see it spelled as Gesha or Geisha in the coffee industry, but the true spelling is Gesha which is its birthplace in Ethiopia. Geisha was a more familiar spelling for coffee researchers at the time, but the industry is leaning more towards the true Gesha spelling. This coffee is complex not only with the correct or incorrect spelling, but with it's inconsistency and difficulty in cultivating the crop. All the hard work has proved to be worth it because this Gesha varietal is one of the highest rating coffees by the Specialty Coffee Association, the cup score is very high. The high cup score has made the demand rise and create a competitiveness within the coffee industry from the farmers and to other shops like us. Once we got our hands on a few pounds to roast, we were ecstatic!
Our Gesha is a natural processed, which means that the flavor notes will be even more pronounced in it's fruitiness as you drink it. A cup of Gesha is an experience you will never forget! Most Gesha coffees offer fruity and floral flavor notes, ours will give you an experience of highly aromatic jasmine, tangerine, and blackberry.