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Anaeroblic Castillo
Anaeroblic Castillo

Anaeroblic Castillo

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Region: Colombia
Farmer: Diego Samuel
Cultivar: Castillo
Altitude: 1800m
Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Rose / Lemon / Black Tea 

2 of 3 - Limited Release Colombian Coffees

This coffee is the result of Diego Samuel’s effort to make coffee in his region, along with his family, a product in which other coffee growers could trust for their living. Diego’s idea was to create a “common wet-mill” to process the cherry bean of his neighbors in Piendamimo, Cauca in the southwestern of Colombia. There are around 150 coffee producers who take benefits from this project and it’s all focused on letting the coffee to grow in its own land and microclimates and using the equipment, protocols and research from Diego’s farm to achieve a consistent and high quality coffee. The other foundation in this project is making a higher impact in the money retribution from the coffee producer. The coffee is sold as cherry, but it is bought as green which makes it profitable to the producer to keep growing. Tio Conejo & Diego Samuel created a partnership to work along our principals and quality.

Anaerobic fermentation is a mouthful to say, but trust us with our claim that this coffee is unique in its easily identifiable flavor experience. Anaerobic fermentation is a way to describe the fermentation stage (one that every coffee goes through) but in a sealed, airtight environment. The lack of oxygen in this process allows the coffee to have precise flavor notes and in this release they are very floral and tea-like. This Castillo is also a washed process, which means that the entirety of the coffee cherry is stripped and dried for a crisp and clean tasting flavor experience. This is a dream team! This coffee as a washed process AND anaerobic fermentation is bound to be enjoyed with distinct flavors of rose, lemon, and black tea.