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Marcelo Assis
Marcelo Assis

Marcelo Assis

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Region: Brazil
Farmer: Marcelo Nogueira Assis and Flavio Marcio Silva
Cultivar: Paraiso
Altitude: 1000m
Processing: Natural 
Tasting Notes: Mango / Brown Sugar / Lime 

Traceable to a single farm in Brazil, Marcelo Assis is a naturally processed coffee tasting of mango, brown sugar, and lime. Its farm, Bioma Café, is a partnership between Marcelo Nogueira Assis and Flavio Marcio Silva dating back to 2001. When the two joined forces, Flavio had come from managing the family businesses while Marcelo was a recent graduate in the technical school of agriculture.

Marcelo Assis balances a full body with the sweetness of a fruity sensation. Its mellow tropical stone flavors are proceeded by a syrupy body with brown sugar notes and a smooth finish. This roast brews a perfect cup for any time of day and will turn that frown upside down when its gentle pop of acidic lime hits just right.