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La Hermosa
La Hermosa

La Hermosa

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Region: Guatemala
Farmer: Max Perez
Cultivar: Pacamara
Altitude: 1400m
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: White Grape / Cherry Soda / Hibiscus
12oz 340g | ROASTED IN TROY, OHIO 

La Hermosa comes from the Pacamara varietal. It is the result from natural selection and scientific breeding and the resulting bean is very distinctive. Pacamara is highly celebrated for its unparagoned cup characteristics and complex aromas. It is an exceptionally rare varietal that produces larger-than-average sized seeds.

With tasting notes of white grape, cherry soda, and hibiscus, it brews a dense, creamy body with perfectly acidic undertones. Its floral aroma and fruit-forward flavor profile are complemented by a sustained aftertaste of spiced notes and a sweetened depth. La Hermosa never ceases to impress us. Bursting with character, this coffee will awaken you from the inside out.