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Anaerobic Javaw

Anaerobic Javaw

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Region: Colombia
Farmer: Wilton Benitez
Cultivar: Java
Processing: Yeast Anaerobic
Tasting Notes: Grape/ Cherry / Black Tea 
12oz 340g | ROASTED IN TROY, OHIO 

Anaerobic Javaw is a yeast anaerobic Colombian bean from the Java varietal, filled with complex and nuanced flavor profiles. The fermentation protocol begins with a very good selection of cherries, the masses of cherries are made clean with Ozone gas and UV lights. The cherries are then pulped and deposited inside the Bioreactor. Fermentation is then controlled without the presence of oxygen, and then at that same time the mass is inoculted with a specific variety of yeast. Then, the coffee needs an allowance of 36 hours of action with the yeast before washing the beans. The drying process is validated with a heat-controlled drying machine designed by the producer, bringing you a fantastic coffee.  

This coffee offers an experience of highly aromatic grape, cherry, and black tea. Because our this unique yeast anaerobic processing, the fruity notes of this coffee become more pronounced as you drink.