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Captzin Huehuetenango

Captzin Huehuetenango

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Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Farmer: Captzin Huehuetenango
Cultivar: Caturra, Bourbon
Altitude: 1000-2000m
Processing: Washed 
Tasting Notes: Cocoa / Brown Sugar / Toasted Almond
12oz 340g | ROASTED IN TROY, OHIO 

Get ready to warm up these long, cold, winter months with a new Guatemalan coffee from Captzin Huehuetenango. Tucked in the cool, yet mysterious cloud forests of the highlands, coffee cherries are nourished over a multiple maturation cycles to bring us dense, yet sugary seeds. The coffees grown in this area are loved for their balance and acidity, consistency, and shelf-life.

The mountains of Huehue has been apart of this family farm for three generations now, and through hard work and dedication they've been able to source coffees that represents stories of their land and the people who tend to it. The name "Captzin" means "two stones" in the Q'anjobal indigenous language, and  refers to a statute of two large stones that jut out to face each other vertically on a steep mountainside. The legends that have been told of these two stones are tales of love and trickery. Today, Captzin is know for being an energetic place for the Mayan people who went through many challenges and tragedies. 

Captzin is a washed coffee meaning it's exterior fruit is mechanically removed, submerged in water, fermentation via bacteria eats the mucilage and sugar away from the seed, then it's washed with clean water and laid out to dry. If this coffee hasn't already grabbed your attention with it's deep cultural history and background, we're sure the rich flavors will. With tasting notes like: cocoa, brown sugar, and toasted almond you'll be feeling warm and cozy in no time.

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